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Financial Services

Provision of nominee appointments of officers, facilitation of offices, administration services, accounting, audit, tax services etc.

Real Estate Law

Make sure that your property and your rights are protected in the eviction or unlawful detainer process.

Family Law Appeals

We are apt at exploring ways to resolve the disputes with alternative dispute resolution and general litigation.

Intellectual Property, E-Commerce

We have extensive experience in the structuring of intellectual property management activities. Whatever the intellectual property is and wherever it is utilised, we design and implement the most efficient structures for the effective management.

Wealth Management & Asset Protection

With expertise in international commercial transactions, international group re-structuring and tax planning,Gallard is ideally positioned to provide the wealth structuring solutions necessary to facilitate an important business deals.


When a dispute arises, our attorneys at Gallard are well versed in assisting our clients through litigation or alternative dispute resolution..

Associations & Memberships

Gallard Consults  maintains  a remarkable legal associates and memberships because of our years of excellence in providing successful legal services.

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